Alley Praise

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Props for the Shops

DIY Gallery: Make Things Happen @ Interface Gallery, SF Weekly, February 2015
East Bay Express Pick - Carrie Hott: After Hour @ Interface Gallery, East Bay Express, January 2015
East Bay Express Pick - Bonanza VI: Eighteencharacters @ Interface Gallery, East Bay Express, October 2015
Highlight: Heightened Subjectivity @ Interface Gallery, Oakland Art Enthusiast, September 2013
East Bay Express Pick - Tamra Seal: Irresistible Forces @ Interface Gallery, East Bay Express, July 2013
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Best Place to Get Your Tincture Fix, East Bay Express, Best Of the East Bay, 2013
All Hail the Herb: Homestead Apothecary spreads the good word about our most useful California native plants, East Bay Express, 2013
Find Holistic Cures at Homestead Apothecary, Pure Wow, 2013
Points of Interaction: New Temescal gallery Interface explores the rich possibilities of its namesake, East Bay Express, 2012
Oakland gallery turns into medicinal herb workshop lab for April, Oakland Local, 2013
A Second Life for Food: Interface Gallery examines the relationship between food waste and hunger by letting you get your hands dirty, East Bay Express, 2012
Temescal Alley Barber Shop, Gallavant
Keep Things High and Tight at These Bay Area Chop Shops, 7x7 San Francisco, 2013
Classic Barber Shop in Oakland, California, The Examiner, 2013
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